7 Random Things

Happy House Quilts (see blog links) “tagged” me. So, as I understand the game, I’m supposed to tell seven random things about myself and “tag” someone else to do the same. Here goes:

1. I hate cleaning.

2. I love to do so many things that most of the time I never do any of it. I just can’t pick what to do when I have the time.

3. I’m also a wimp who is scared to really do most of what I want to do.

4. I love deep male singing voices.

5. My favorite flower is the daisy

6. I hope one day to own llamas

7. I usually read more than one book at a time – I think I have four going right now.

4 thoughts on “7 Random Things

  1. I am the same way about having so many things that interest me that when I finally have the free time to do something, I can\’t decide what I want to actually do! Its so frustrating.


  2. I love number one, because when I was tagged, I said I am neat. Haha I don\’t love cleaning, but I do it a lot and I\’m a neat freak. I too have too many things I want to do. I have all day to do them and still can\’t get them done because I constantly find other fun things. šŸ™‚


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