At Last – I’m Having a Sale!

So – I almost never have sales or discounts. My profit margin is low, and I never know what kind of offer would make sense, so I don’t bother. But for the past several months I’ve wanted to do one. I have so many wonderful customers, and I want to do something. Plus I have a bunch of pretty new fabric, and I want to make new stuff, but I hate doing that when I still have so much already listed.

So I gave it some serious thought. I can’t ever have a store wide sale because I list stuff for my mom too. I can’t make her accept less money for what she makes, that isn’t nice (plus, I don’t think she charges enough to begin with for her wonderful work.) So what to do? What I want the most is to make some new books with new pictures. So that means clearing out some of the books that are listed now.

So here’s the sale:

All Pre-made Soft Fabric Books Only $15.00 Until the End of August!

I’m off right now to change the price in all my soft fabric book listings from the regular $18.00 to $15.00 so there will be no need for anyone to go through the hassle of waiting for an updated invoice or anything confusing like that. Even if I get a few new books posted, they will still be included in the sale price.

Thanks everyone!
Here they are: Karabu’s Soft Fabric Books for Babies and Toddlers
Yea for sales!

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