It’s That Time Again

I’m starting a diet tomorrow.


I decided this last night, and not on New Years day, or late in December like I normally do. But it’s time.

I haven’t decided what diet I’m going to start, though. I’ve used several with happy results over the years. Richard Simmons, Sperkpeople.com, Trim Advantage (one sold by Amway and if my understanding is right, it’s kinda South Beach-ish). Then there was the plan from the nutritionist from when I was pregnant. Although that wasn’t for weight loss, I did stop gaining for the rest of my pregnancy, so my tummy got bigger, and the rest of me got smaller.

I’ve thought about asking to see that nutritionist again actually. But I feel like after 2 visits with her, and becoming a dieting expert over the years, I shouldn’t need help again. But none of the plans out there are designed for vegetarians, so I have to change them all. The plans she gave me were for pregnancy, so they aren’t right for me now.

And, honestly, even after all these years, and after all I’ve learned, I do still feel like I need some help. And that makes me sad.

I don’t know if I’ve put it off because it makes me sad, or because, having been here before, I know the work I’m getting myself in for. To stick to a diet is to spend an awful lot of time thinking about food. You’d think I’d like that, but I don’t. Planning, and measuring, and planning some more. Then heaven forbid, plans change and I’m stuck having to improvise something to eat away from home. Oh the horror.

But it can’t be helped.

And it’s never as bad as it seems like it will be. That’s the part I need to remind myself about. I’m always happy I did the work. Everything worthwhile is like that, isn’t it?