Moving Sucks

Everyone says that moving sucks. What I think they mean is: the tiring work of actually packing up boxes, putting them into trucks and coercing friends to help you carry furniture up and down stairs, that period of time when you don’t really know where anything is, getting you mail to go to the right place, and that sort of thing. Well, we aren’t there yet, and actually, that all sounds pretty okay from where I sit right now.

Right now what sucks is the looking. We’ve looked at houses, turned in applications the very next day only to learn that it is already rented out. Why did they make us an appointment then? Or make an appointment with us, to then not show up. Craigslist ads that send you to another site that sends you to another site that wants you to pay to see a list of real listings. Phone numbers answered by people who have apparently sworn an oath to avoid telling you the square footage or rental price of a property on pain of death. I don’t have the time or the sanity to put up with these kinds of shenanigans right now.

If anyone has any wonderful advice on rental house hunting techniques, please, please share them. I need a better method.

As for the place where the owner stood me up, I actually knew it was not a good fit for us as soon as I walked in and saw the above sign. I felt like they may as well have had a sign that said, “No Kids”. O the bright side, I got the picture below, so I at last have something to contribute to the “42 sightings” thread over at the Towel Day website.

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