All Moved, and the Silverware is Found

I had a head full of ideas for blog posts. Then we moved. Now my head is full of boxes, and I didn’t label most of them properly, so most of my ideas have been misplaced. I have a million notebooks all over the place for the explicit purpose of writing things down, and I still don’t do it. It’s a habit I’m still trying to instill in myself.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty overwhelmed by the move and I haven’t been writing. Here or anywhere for that matter. I wasn’t writing all that much before, but with this break, I now find myself missing it. A lot. So tonight, I thought I’d at least type up a little blog entry since virtual dust has been gathering over here lately.

Now the silverware has at last been located, so we’re starting to feel like this is a real home, and less of a house-shaped box storage facility. Time to get back into the flow of regular life. That includes writing, and blogging. As I write this now, one or two of my post ideas have emerged from the dusty storage of my mind, so I hope to get back to regular posting.

Nothing too exciting for today. Just wanted to say, I missed you.