I Won Books!

Recently Jim Hines, an author I like and follow on various social media, mentioned a giveaway for some of his books that I have not yet read. I clicked through to a site for S.J. Abraham (geeky writing – sounded right up my alley) and found myself completing several of the tasks for entries before I realized I was wasting my writing time. I wasn’t going to win anyway.Although he had good short stories on his site, so I put it into my blog feed for future reference.

I was happily surprised to get a notice the next day that I had won. I was even happier when the books arrived a few days ago. I have actually won a couple of other online giveaways from an author and a crafter, and not received the promised prize. Hint – that didn’t help convert me into a fan.

So, this is just a public thank you to Mr. Abraham. I recommend both his and Jim Hines stories if anyone is looking for a fun read.

On another note to follow up on my last post – my story was accepted to the anthology, but the whole project folded shortly thereafter. So I sent it back out to avoid pouting about it. These things happen. 

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