I’ve Released an eBook: ‘Love Thy Enemy / The Way Home : Two Short Stories’

I’ve complied two of my short stories, one previously published and one new, into an eBook.  These are both primarily Romance stories with Sci-Fi settings so I thought they would fit well together.

For awhile now I’ve wanted to try my hand and creating an eBook, and these short stories felt like a good opportunity to try out the process. Obviously, going forward if I do more of these I will need help making covers – this one is not spectacular to say the least – but will have to do for the moment.

I’d originally wanted to try out Amazon’s Select program to get into the Kindle Unlimited lending system, but they require digital exclusivity for that. ‘The Way Home’ is still published at Voluted Tales Magazine so this book would not qualify. Maybe another time with another book.

However, that means I am free to distribute ‘Love Thy Enemy / The Way Home’ to other stores as well. In addition to Amazon (link above) it is currently at:

Apple iBooks

and should be up at a couple more places, including Nook and Kobo, in a few days. I will edit this post with links as they become available.