Learning Spanish

I took 6 years of Spanish in Junior High and High School. I remember almost none of it because I never used it. Now I have a little Junior High schooler of my own and we are starting up the language lessons. I still feel that Spanish is a useful second language for Californians despite my own history.
From the recommendation of a friend, we are trying out Duolingo. I’m moving along fairly quickly through the basics levels so far, so maybe all those past lessons haven’t completely vanished from my brain. What I like is: that it’s free, that the kids and I can all have it on our own devices to work at our own level and pace, but I can create a ‘classroom’ to see what they’re doing and how often they are working on it, it’s simple to use and fun enough they are doing lessons without my nagging.
The plan was to just try it out over the summer, but I already like it enough that I’m sure this is what we’ll use for the school year as well.
Duolingo tells me I’m 4% fluent in Spanish so far and offers to post this info to LinkedIn for me. Do you think anyone would find that impressive?

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