200 Posts and Almost 10 Years

Last Friday’s Flash Fiction Friday entry, ‘The Last Chicken‘ marked the 200th entry for this blog. It made me think about how long I’ve had it. Looks like the first entry was March 2007, just a few weeks before the birth of my second daughter actually. I don’t remember why I was inspired to start a blog at that time, but here we are.

That was almost 10 years ago. 200 entries in 10 years is not impressive; average of 20 posts a year – but actually it was not so even as all that. Such is life though, right? Uneven.

If anyone actually reads this blog (possibly 4 of you according to the follower count blogger shows me – Hello!) you may have noticed I’m trying something a little different since the new year. I’m trying to stick to a self-imposed blogging schedule to post more regularly. In general I’m trying to impose some structure on my writing habits. So for the time being I am aiming for posts each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with the Friday entry being a new piece of flash fiction. My original goal was to actually write 2 or 3 flash pieces during the week, then pick the one I liked best to share. So far that’s the only part of the plan I’ve failed at. I’ve only managed a single flash story each week, so that’s the one I’ve shared. That’s the aspect I plan to focus some extra work on. In fact, when I finish this entry, I’m going to start a flash piece while there is still plenty of time to write another later in the week.

The 10 year part could potentially be impressive depending on how you choose to view it. Maybe it’s impressive that I’m still here, talking mainly to myself, still creating as much as my schedule allows. Or maybe it’s sad that so little has changed. I think I feel somewhere in between. Impressive doesn’t seem like the right word, but I don’t think its sad either. My blog makes me happy. I enjoy posting. I like having something I made and sharing pictures of it, or text when it’s a story. Sure, it’d be great if someone else enjoyed it as well, but if it’s only me – well, I count too.

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