Alien Pet Care – Flash Fiction Friday

It was shaping up to be another day without a lunch break. Why oh why did people let their pets get into the garbage and medicine cabinets, and run out into the street? Then they had the nerve to question the cost to fix them. Well, you had the option to not let them eat poison and cause car wrecks, but sure, it’s all our fault for needing to scrape out a living while cleaning up after you.
Heather took a deep breath. It was just the hunger and exhaustion. Really, she would never to choose a different life.
Doctor Vaughn came into the treatment room. “Heather, go get the Durgeto from room three for xrays.”
Sigh. Durgetos were creepy. She didn’t understand why people kept them as pets. The novelty factor probably. They liked saying they had an alien for a pet. She was amazed that creatures from Titan with its wildly different atmosphere could live on Earth at all, let alone thrive the way the Durgetos did. The veterinary community has been scrambling to get up to speed on their biology. This hospital was one of only three in the state that could care for them, so they saw a lot of them here.
It was sitting on its bottom, like a hairy piglet with long arms and legs. But the smile – it was the smile that revolted Heather. Some people said it was cute. They were wrong. It held out its front limbs as she approached, they reminding Heather of tentacles because there were too many joints. One had a swollen lump and moved stiffly. Ah, that’s the reason for the rad. The creature tucked itself against her chest as she picked it up and clung to her making its version of a purr that rumbled but varied in note so it was almost like a melody you could feel. 
Okay, maybe she did understand why people liked them. She might too, but only if she could train hers not to smile.

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