Late Night Yoga

My husband mentioned that he thought trying out some yoga with me might be good for him. I grabbed that comment and ran with it, getting him to agree to do yoga with me every night for a month (at least). I’m surprised he doesn’t seem to yet regret that promise, but last night, I kinda did.

It was late, I was tired, and SO not in the mood to pull the yoga mat out. But we did our video, and I’m glad. My painful abdominal muscle problem is still a problem in that when I try to do poses or moves that focus just on the abdominals, it hurts like a knife to the gut. On the bright side, we are on day five or six now and I haven’t had any of the cramping or pain at other times of day. So, is that improvement?

I’m supposed to make an appointment with my doctor for my yearly check up (they have left me messages, I really need to call back to get that scheduled – note to self) and I plan to ask about this.

The other night at the end of the video, laying in shavasana I rubbed my tired belly muscles. Then pushed at them to massage a little. That’s when I noticed that when I push in most places on my abdomen I can feel the muscles under the fat as a firm barrier. At my ostomy scar site, I just keep pushing in. There is nothing firm that I hit. I felt like I was poking my liver. Now, when I do this standing up, there is some firmness at the ostomy site too, so there must be some muscle there, but wow was it creepy at first.

I assumed the problems I was having was just dealing with scar tissue, now I’m wondering if there is more atrophy there or some such. Maybe I’m making ideas up, I don’t know. Could that be a thing? Well, I guess that’s on the list of questions for the doc as well.

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