New Blocks Completed for the Mystery Quilt of Valor

Mystery Quilt Blocks by Kara Hartz

These are the last of the specialty blocks (focus blocks? I’m not sure of the terminology) for the Mystery Quilt I’m working on for a Quilt of Valor quilt. To shorten that name, I like what I have in the title – ‘The Mystery Quilt of Valor’. Has a fun ring to it. 

That means I only have setting blocks still to make (and the borders, and the actual quilting, and the binding, but you know.) There will be a total of 25 setting blocks and I already have 11 made, so I have 14 more to do. If you need a reminder what the settings blocks looked like, I wrote about them here
My next update on the quilt will have a couple rows at least put together so you can see the general way it will all go together and how the setting blocks will make a kinda Irish chain type look. For a quilt I felt a little bla about going in, I’m really happy with how it’s looking. I think the finished quilt will be great.

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