Life has been very hectic lately. I haven’t done any new writing in awhile aside from journaling, but I am working on my novel revisions. What has surprised me about the revision process is that I’m getting excited about the story again. I was a little burnt out with it by the end of the first draft. That wasn’t something I expected to happen. I follow a lot of authors on various social media platforms, and I read a lot of books, and listen to a lot of podcasts about writing. I expected revisions to make me more frustrated with the story, not more excited.

Perhaps the time lag helped in that regard. There is common advice to set a story aside for a time before trying to revise. How much time seems to be a personal choice – a day, a week, a month are all suggestions I’ve read. I probably didn’t look at my first draft for several months before starting on revisions. I didn’t intend to wait so long, but I’m just not good at time management, so that’s where I landed. While I’m reading through marking things that need to change, I’m feeling it isn’t the train wreck I thought it was.

Certainly, revising something the size of a novel (or maybe a novella, I’m not sure where the final word count will land) is much more intimidating than revising short stories. I will probably have lists involved very soon. And I can see that by the end of the process I may start to feel again that annoyance with the story that I did before, but by then hopefully it will be ready for my beta readers and I will get another break until they have time to read and give their feedback.

Anyway, It’s good to be moving forward again.

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