I Lost my Belly Button

I like to picture it in a jar of formaldehyde on a shelf somewhere, but that isn’t where it went. More likely it was incinerated as biologic waste a week ago. Regardless, I don’t have a belly button anymore. The kids and I were brainstorming ideas of how I could explain to people why I don’t have one. One wanted me to say I was an alien. I sort of liked the story that I hatched out of an egg. But the one I like best is that I don’t have a belly button because my mother molded me from clay and Zeus gave me life. Now I’m just waiting for this to somehow come up in conversation.

I’m tired and sore, but doing really well all things considered. My big goal of the week is to get some writing done. I’d love to have a new Flash Fiction Friday piece ready this week. So watch for it to see how I’m doing! I’m tired of talking about my health so I probably won’t for awhile.

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