Sparking Joy

My newly folded shirt drawer

I read “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” probably over a year ago. I don’t remember for sure. Long time ago. I think I got rid of some clothes, maybe, at the time. I liked it, I liked the ideas, but I wasn’t energetically up for the sort of major decluttering I needed at the time.

I’ve started watching the Netflix show and I’m so much healthier now, and more ready to get rid of stuff I keep tripping over looking for the stuff I actually want to use. One of the aspects of Marie Kondo’s methods that I had decided I didn’t want to use was the upright folding thing. I didn’t want to learn a new way to fold clothes, and, really, there was nothing wrong with the way I folded, so I didn’t need to change that, I thought.
But it just kept coming up again and again and again as I watched. Well . . . maybe, I thought, maybe I’ll just try the shirts and see if I like it. This is my newly folded shirt drawer. So nice, right? I should have done a before picture. Before this, after I had already gotten rid of a fair number of shirts, the drawer was hard to open and close. Shirts would get stuck, and I’d have to shove or poke them back inside. Plus, I didn’t really know what was in the back or on the bottom. 
The exact same shirts fit with space to spare now (which is great since there are shirts in the laundry I need to get in there). I can see them all at the same time. The new folding doesn’t really even take longer then my old way. Pants next!

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