AmiguruMe Pets Guinea Pig

Tiny Guinea Pig made by Kara from pattern in AmiguruME Pets by Allison Hoffman

I made this cute little fella in almost one evening. The little mouth was stitched on during a car ride and as such came out a little wonky, but we decided it was still cute and gave them a kinda smirky look. I’ve had the book AmiguruME Pets sitting around for a bit now and decided it was high time to make a little something. To celebrate our newest family member – a guinea piggy named Pumba, I made this.

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My Doctor Who Scarf Remains Unfinished

I did not finish my Doctor Who scarf before Halloween. I knew I wouldn’t have time, but it’s still disappointing. It’s a little less than halfway done which means it’s about the length of a normal scarf and people unfamiliar with the 4th Doctor say “What do you mean it isn’t done, it looks fine.”

I wore it anyway to take my daughter out trick-or-treating and at one house a woman asked it I’d like a treat too. “No thank you, I said,” thinking it was so sweet of her to offer.

“Are you sure?” she persisted.

“Yep, I’m good, thanks.”

“But. . . you have a hat!”

“Oh, well. . .okay then. I do have a hat. And a scarf. Thank you!”

So I took the treat which was actually a little decorated paper bag with several pieces of candy and cute fall stickers on it. This lady had put some work into her Halloween handouts. And she noticed my hat, so ya gotta love her.

Meanwhile at our house at the end of a longish curving dark street we got a total of zero trick-or-treaters and so will be wallowing in leftover candy for much too long I’m afraid. I would have happily given out candy to any grown ups who came by too, hat or no hat.


NaNoWriMo Time Again

This is where I would usually post a widget from the NaNoWriMo website that would show my daily word count or a color coded calendar or something like that. But the website is new and I’m not having any luck finding widgets over there right now. If I track one down I’ll post it later.

Today was a rough day at work, so I’ve gotten about 250 words written today and I’m nodding off, and I need to be up early again tomorrow for work. So I’m off to an amazing start! (At least I’m started).

Happy writing folks!