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Coran from Voltron: Christmas Amigurumi #2

Coran from Voltron Amigurumi by Kara Hartz

My youngest is all about the Voltron Reboot on Netflix. I’m working my way through the series myself because she loves to talk about it and I’m really enjoying it as well. She talked a lot about the character Coran, so I decided that’s what I’d make her for her Christmas amigurumi. The problem I ran into is that I couldn’t find a pattern for him. Was I up to the challenge of making a character like this all on my own?

Well, I did find very cute patterns for the other main characters – the Voltorn paladins from a shop named 53stitches on Etsy. I bought the pattern for Pidge because I thought her hairdo was closest to what I was going for with Coran. The outfit was a lot more difficult. You can see from my picture that it is far from perfect, his jacket is wonky and uneven, but my daughter was still thrilled with him. He has been riding in the side pocket of her purse/backpack since Christmas. I hadn’t really tried anything like this before, altering a pattern so much, and I didn’t really know where to stop and start my color changes. It was a fun learning experience. I do love the Pidge pattern too and plan to make a Pidge eventually as well.

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