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Tales of Orasai: Christmas Amigurumi #3

Dragon made by Kara Hartz based on character created by Anna Hartz

My daughter wrote and illustrated a comic book for her digital art class last year. For her Christmas amigurumi this year I thought she would like one of her original characters made into plush form. This little dragon is one of the main characters and I think it turned out pretty well considering I really had no pattern at all to go on for this one. It is a character that doesn’t exist outside our home yet after all.

The kiddo gave me permission to share some of her art showing the character so you could judge for yourself how well I adapted the drawing to crochet, but I’m apparently not tech savy enough to take a single page from her PDF file and post it here as a picture. We are having other issues with the PDF file as well. She made the comic in Adobe Illustrator – she had access to a student subscription to do the work last year, but we no longer have that access. The file she exported at the end of class also somehow changed the order of a few pages so the story isn’t in order anymore. That’s been a problem for trying to have it printed to share with family. If anyone has advice or can direct me to where I can learn to alter PDF files to make these corrections I’d love the help. Google is not helping me so far.

Anyway, he’s cute and looks a lot like his drawing and you’ll just have to trust me on that.

Edit to add: Here are some photos of her comic: it’s so cute. I originally forgot the little poof on the tali tip, but I’ve added that on now.

Tales of Orasai cover by Anna Hartz
Tales of Orasai panel

2 thoughts on “Tales of Orasai: Christmas Amigurumi #3

  1. Love your little Dragon, he’s cute. As to your pdf woes. You can download a free set of programs called pdf-fill ( ) to change the order of the pages. To make other changes is more difficult without paid software, some things can be done with free stuff like Foxit reader but it really depends. If you can tell me what you’d like to change I can probably send you in the right direction.


    1. Thanks for the tip! I’ll look into that. She says it’s just the one page that is out of place so hopefully it won’t be too bad to fix.


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