Panther Chemo: Round 3

Panther after finishing round 3 of her chemo treatments

It was a particularly hectic day at work when Panther was scheduled for her chemo this time. So I had to spend my lunch break administrating her treatment. In case you were wondering, doing a slow drip chemo therapy on your own cat who is an uncooperative patient is not a restful way to spend your break. By the time we got home, we were both pretty run down. But look at that face. Still totally worth it.

We gave her some anti-nausea meds ahead of time to see if that would keep her from loosing her appetite. She stopped eating the day after treatment and I had to give her the appetite stimulant, so I’m not sure it helped. She has continued to eat over the past day despite my no longer giving it. A single dose seems to have done the trick. Obviously we’re keeping an eye on how much she eats.

She has been maybe a bit more snuggly than normal today. The kids even mentioned it. Don’t know if she’s just happy to be home or seeking comfort, but again we’ll keep an eye on things. Here she is happy snoozing on her favorite blanket that we have to keep out all year long despite it being a Christmas blanket (and for dogs even) because of how much joy it brings her. And she brings us so much joy in turn.

Panther having a happy nap and looking very brown in the flash from my camera.

Only 2 treatments left to go thank goodness. It’s rough watching her not feel well, or get angry about her catheter, and there is enough going on in the world right now that sometimes it all seems just way too much. Whoever said life isn’t fair was NOT messing around.

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Started a New Crochet Project – the Kitty Couch

This goes against my intent of 2020: the year of finishing, but when I saw it I couldn’t resist. I’ve abandoned my Doctor Who scarf for the moment to work on this, but I’m making great progress. I have the base and side panels done and am working on the piece that will make up the front, back and sides (it wraps over) the seat area. I have also cut out the foam pieces for the seat.

I might have to order more foam for the backrest because the total measurement given in the supplies needed section of the pattern turns out to not add up right to all the pieces you’re asked to cut out at each step. I hope to be able to assemble the smaller pieces I have left together into a workable piece to use to finish the back and arm rests.

If you google ‘cat couch crochet pattern’ you can find all kinds of styles and they are all absolutely adorable. I picked this one (pictured above) because it seemed maybe less complicated without separate couch cushions, it was super cute, and very affordable, so I didn’t feel like I had to think about spending the money too much. Maybe if I had looked into how much foam costs, I might have paused, but I didn’t. And now it’s done.

My progress so far on the kitty couch

Since I already had an almost full skein Red Heart Light Periwinkle I liked, and was confident that I would be able to find more of when I needed it, I started with that right away. Turns out I needed it pretty quickly but I was correct that it wasn’t hard to find and order. I’m almost through the second skein now. I joke that I will spend a month and bunch of money on this project, then my cats will refuse to sit on it. Let’s hope that’s just a joke anyway. They have been lying on the crocheted pieces from time to time, so I hope that’s a good sign. They are still giving a bit of the side eye to the foam.

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My Mother’s Day Gifts

My youngest loves making art with Gacha Life, and made a cute version of herself and her sister. My oldest makes pretty amazing pipe cleaner art and made me a baby Yoda (aka the Child as if anyone calls him that). The picture doesn’t do justice to the baby Yoda, so here is another showing him out of his carrier and with the blanket off:

Sooo cute, and still, much better if you could hold it to appreciate it. But you can’t. That’s just for me. The Mom.


Trunking the Novel

I’ve been ‘revising’ my novel for an embarrassingly long time. In reality, I was ignoring it.

Oh, I’d think about it. Ponder what changes I needed to make, but I rarely to never sat down with it and really worked on it. I even bought a book on revisions and worked through the steps. I was a little excited back then, that I would really do this thing and make a decent book out of it. But I still didn’t like it. And I stopped work.

I told myself I didn’t have the time to work on it. That’s somewhat true, my time is tough to come by on many days, but the longer things dragged on the more I knew I was fooling myself. I could do something if I wanted to. I could make at least a little time. I was choosing not to.

A few days ago I remembered some writing advice I once heard, I’m sorry I don’t remember where exactly. It said that when you’re stuck or ‘blocked’ on a piece it’s usually because of a story problem. Something is wrong in the story that needs to be fixed to let you move forward again. So I shifted my thinking. Instead of trying to make the story I already had there work better, I wondered, what exactly didn’t I like about it. What wasn’t working in the story for me.

It didn’t take long to figure out from that small change in the way I looked at it. The problem is pretty substantial. I’m not sure I can fix it with revisions. Maybe I could start over from scratch and keep the elements I liked and take out the problems, but I would have a fundamentally different story than the one I have now. And that’s the problem. The thing I don’t like about it can’t really be removed.

When I was planning the book, I thought about what other characters I could add that would bring extra conflict for my main characters. I maybe made them too big a conflict. They took over the plot. Because I planned them there from the beginning, I didn’t see that they were derailing things so badly. They were just supposed to add a little extra tension and a subplot, but because their only purpose was to be in the way of the main characters, they were much to good at it. Too much of the story was dealing with them, and even the climax scene was a showdown with these annoying people and the actual thing I wanted the story to be about was a afterthought by the end.

Maybe someday I’ll know how to fix this and come back to it. More likely, I’ll take the pieces I loved about this book and work them into something new. While I’m in mourning of all the time I put into this story that I will never share, I’m trying to also remind myself that this is how I learn. This will make later books better. Right?

Now that I’ve mentally and emotionally processed this decision, I’m ready to start moving on. A fun idea for a short story came to me this afternoon, and I’m ready to start something new at long last.