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Started a New Crochet Project – the Kitty Couch

This goes against my intent of 2020: the year of finishing, but when I saw it I couldn’t resist. I’ve abandoned my Doctor Who scarf for the moment to work on this, but I’m making great progress. I have the base and side panels done and am working on the piece that will make up the front, back and sides (it wraps over) the seat area. I have also cut out the foam pieces for the seat.

I might have to order more foam for the backrest because the total measurement given in the supplies needed section of the pattern turns out to not add up right to all the pieces you’re asked to cut out at each step. I hope to be able to assemble the smaller pieces I have left together into a workable piece to use to finish the back and arm rests.

If you google ‘cat couch crochet pattern’ you can find all kinds of styles and they are all absolutely adorable. I picked this one (pictured above) because it seemed maybe less complicated without separate couch cushions, it was super cute, and very affordable, so I didn’t feel like I had to think about spending the money too much. Maybe if I had looked into how much foam costs, I might have paused, but I didn’t. And now it’s done.

My progress so far on the kitty couch

Since I already had an almost full skein Red Heart Light Periwinkle I liked, and was confident that I would be able to find more of when I needed it, I started with that right away. Turns out I needed it pretty quickly but I was correct that it wasn’t hard to find and order. I’m almost through the second skein now. I joke that I will spend a month and bunch of money on this project, then my cats will refuse to sit on it. Let’s hope that’s just a joke anyway. They have been lying on the crocheted pieces from time to time, so I hope that’s a good sign. They are still giving a bit of the side eye to the foam.

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