Garden: before and after

The garden: before

I’m not sure how much you can really appreciate from the pictures, but since I mentioned how much work I’d done in my back garden area in my last post, I thought I’d try to share this. Looking through my camera roll for something else, I found that I had actually taken a picture early on in my cleaning up out back. This wasn’t the very worst of it, but almost. Mostly, I hope it shows how much those vines had taken over and were even smothering the big rose bushes to some degree.

The garden: after

Now it is a nice place to spend time, and I’m starting to get the occasional ripe tomato or bell pepper. I just moved some edamame and zucchini seedlings out there yesterday. Here’s hoping the continue to do well – edamame is another thing I’ve tried a few times to grow and failed, but these look great so far. Maybe I had my time of year wrong before.

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