I now know – It’s Cauliflower

Cauliflower from my garden

So at least one of the mystery plants in my garden has declared itself in a way I understand. It have three cauliflower plants, which means, have no broccoli. Kinda bummed because i like broccoli better, but I’m also super excited to see this happening. I’ve looked up a bunch of explanations of how to know when to harvest, so I hope I’m ready to make the right call on that when the time comes.

I checked my garden journal, and I planted these seeds on October 29th, so that’s how long it took from seed to now (not quite harvest time, but soon).

More growth has also make me more confident that the mystery herb is in fact lemon balm. I need some more of my other tea herbs to get bigger so I can make myself a tea blend. That will be fun.

And while I was briefly afraid my blueberry plant was dying this past winter, I think it’s actually okay. Not much new leaf growth, (a very little, but not much) but it is making flowers like a powerhouse right now.

Blueberry flowers in my garden

Humm. . . . blueberries could be part of my tea too. . . .

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