Bad Panther Update

I’ve postponed writing this, then thought maybe I just wouldn’t update at all. No one reads this anyway. But pretending it isn’t happening isn’t good for me. We learned from “Inside Out” that Sadness is important to share, right? So even if no one sees it, the sharing is important – for me.

Panther has what her oncologist calls ‘regrowth’. She recommended stopping the electrochemotherapy. There are other things that can be tried, but she doesn’t expect any of it to help realistically. So there was a family meeting and lots of tears, and we have decided to stop treatment and help Panther live her best life for as long as we can with no more pills or needles.

It isn’t fair. She’s a baby. Cancer sucks.


Panther Update

She has had her first round of electrochemotherapy. She is mostly recovered but still has some skin healing to finish up. The original plan was to do the second round 2 to 3 weeks later, but she has taken longer to heal so we’ve postponed twice so far, and I expect we’ll probably push off this week’s appointment for one more week.

From what the oncologist told me, and my own reading about the procedure, these postponements aren’t a big deal. The timing isn’t super strict and is more of a case-by-case thing depending on how the tissues affected react and making a plan from there. So we’re happy that things seem to be working well and hope that the cancer cells are having an even worse time than the rest of her cheek cells have.

Panther is a cat that tends to blep regularly. But after her tumor removal surgery that took a good portion of her lip with it, now she has one fang that sticks out a little bit more, and her bleps are crooked. And Adorable.

Ya know what, just remembered what day it is, so I’m going to schedule this post to go out tomorrow. Our baby girl’s cancer isn’t a joke to us.