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Bonus Christmas 2020 Amigurumi – this Pitbull Turned Out Better!

One of the doctors I work with had a beloved pitty named Panda who recently passed away. I decided to make a little doll for her as a gift, but I had a lot of other tings going on, so it was taking a long time. Then she announced she would be leaving our hospital at the end of 2020 to work at a specialist practice. So on top of finishing the three pokemon I was making for the kids, I needed to finish Panda ASAP. Luckily, I had an extra week after Christmas to get him completed, and had him ready to give to her on her last day with us.

This one turned out better than my previous attempt at making a Pitbull amigurumi and I figured out why. When I made that first one, I was on the wrong page for the type of muzzle I thought I was making. That’s it. I was using the wrong pattern. I love the AmiguruMe Pets book, and that’s what I used. It has patterns for various head sizes and shapes, different bodies, legs, tails, ears, etc. so you can make any breed you want. I just turned to the wrong muzzle page and didn’t notice. This one used the appropriate face pattern for a pitty. Much better.

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Christmas 2020 Amigurumi #3: Umbreon

Last but not least, is Umbreon. This was for my youngest kiddo. I liked (and they did too) that I gave them Umbreon and Espeon together. The kiddo added the bow, and I didn’t want to take it off since she was loaning it back to me for the photo.

While I love the way it turned out, and I think it looks really great, making this one has made me vow that I’m not making anything out of black yarn again for a very long time. If ever. It is so hard to see the stitches. The lighting in my room is not ideal, and I was trying to make it in secret, so nights would have worked out better. Except it was hopeless to see well enough at night. This was made in many sessions on my lunch break at work, sitting in my car.

As with the other two Eeveelutions, the pattern is from Shea Crochet.


The Child (Baby Yoda) Amigurumi

I think it turned out pretty adorable. I used this pattern from Danielle Holke at Knit Hacker (there is a link to their Raverly to get the actual pattern.) It made up very quick. My little Yoda arms look different, maybe a little bigger than the pattern to me and that makes the scarf part sit a little differently too. Perhaps I overstuffed. I tend to stuff very firm, and that isn’t always the best choice.

I will now be embarking on my Christamas Amigurumi Projects. I keep coming up with new ideas, and I still have another co-worker that I’m trying to make a amigurumi version of their dog for them, so I’m beginning to worry about running out of time. With the big time commitment that is NaNoWriMo, the overwhelm is starting, when really, all of this is supposed to be fun.

I’m good at that- taking relaxing hobbies and making them stressful. But I have 5 1/2 weeks until Christmas, so I will do some thinking and decide what I can handle and go from there. For now, I’m off to get me NaNo word count in for today!

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What was supposed to be a Pitbull amigurumi

I tried to make an amigurumi version of my co-workers dog. A sweet little Pitbull. While I think the dog I created is cute, I am very disappointed in it because it looks nothing like her. I wasn’t happy with the yarn I had. Everything was too brown or too grey, and she is somewhere in the middle. I just couldn’t find anything that was right. Next, her nose is way too long. it doesn’t look like a pitty at all. My next project was going to be another pitbull, so I decided I would have to change that from the pattern I was using (from AmiguruME pets – a wonderful book) and stop sooner to shorten it. As I was looking up the right parts to use to start over, I realized I think I used to completely wrong recommended nose pattern for a pitbull. I don’t know how I did it, but once I started on the wrong nose, I just finished that pattern and never noticed I was on the wrong page, maybe? Gah!

My co-worker said they loved it, but of course they would say that. They are a kind person, but I wish it had turned out to do the real life doggie justice a little better.

AmiguruME Pets: Make Cute Crochet Animals
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Among Us Amigurumi

We celebrated yet another socially distanced birthday in our household over the weekend. The kiddo wanted to play Among Us with the family. It was much more fun than I expected it to be, and while the grandparents had some minor problems with the technology involved, there was more laughter than frustration, and it all ended with “we should do this again”. So I see why the game is so popular. I got killed a lot and never got to be the imposter, but by the time we quit, I could at least find my way around the ship better.

To go with the game, I made the above Crewmate amigurumi. With the popularity of Among Us, there are lots of patterns to choose from. I used this one from Tiffany at Cafe del Craft. It worked up very quickly so I had time for the dead crewmate too, which seems morbid, but gave the kiddo a giggle.

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Tiny Granny Square Afghan for the Cat Couch

Meeko on the Cat couch with the new afghan

I think it maybe could have stood one more row to make it a little longer, but it’s still cute. I never made a granny square before, so it was a fun thing to learn without getting embroiled in a big, time consuming project. The colors don’t show all that great, but you get the idea. I used a D hook ,and the smallest bay yarn I could find in my stash.

Cat Couch with tiny granny square afghan
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The Cat Couch Completed!

Panther on the cat couch

I have finished a project (sort of)! And it’s so cute.

Even better, both cats like it and use it! The ‘sort of’ comment is because the first pictures of kitty couches I saw all had little miniature afghans draped over the back, and I thought that was an adorable touch. So I’m working on a small granny square afghan to add. I have never made a granny square before so this is an interesting project. A friend also said I should make tiny doilies for the arms, and I’m deciding if I want to do that too.

Meeko on the Cat Couch
Panther lounging on the cat couch while I’m trying to attach an arm.

I was hopeful that they would like it, because they both sat on it a lot at each stage of it’s creation. Even when it was just a flat piece of crocheting with no foam yet, Meeko would come sit on it.

Meeko on the cat couch when it was still only a cat pillow
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Started a New Crochet Project – the Kitty Couch

This goes against my intent of 2020: the year of finishing, but when I saw it I couldn’t resist. I’ve abandoned my Doctor Who scarf for the moment to work on this, but I’m making great progress. I have the base and side panels done and am working on the piece that will make up the front, back and sides (it wraps over) the seat area. I have also cut out the foam pieces for the seat.

I might have to order more foam for the backrest because the total measurement given in the supplies needed section of the pattern turns out to not add up right to all the pieces you’re asked to cut out at each step. I hope to be able to assemble the smaller pieces I have left together into a workable piece to use to finish the back and arm rests.

If you google ‘cat couch crochet pattern’ you can find all kinds of styles and they are all absolutely adorable. I picked this one (pictured above) because it seemed maybe less complicated without separate couch cushions, it was super cute, and very affordable, so I didn’t feel like I had to think about spending the money too much. Maybe if I had looked into how much foam costs, I might have paused, but I didn’t. And now it’s done.

My progress so far on the kitty couch

Since I already had an almost full skein Red Heart Light Periwinkle I liked, and was confident that I would be able to find more of when I needed it, I started with that right away. Turns out I needed it pretty quickly but I was correct that it wasn’t hard to find and order. I’m almost through the second skein now. I joke that I will spend a month and bunch of money on this project, then my cats will refuse to sit on it. Let’s hope that’s just a joke anyway. They have been lying on the crocheted pieces from time to time, so I hope that’s a good sign. They are still giving a bit of the side eye to the foam.

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Hank the Sheep

Hank the sheep made by Kara

My daughter gave me the book: Edward’s Menagerie for Christmas. Every single critter in it is adorable so it was tough to pick a first project, but I settled on Hank. Making the wool was a new technique for me, so that was fun to learn.

Edward's Menagerie Book by Kerry Lord

My Hank looks a little different then the one in the book, but I just used basic acrylic yarn that I had on hand instead of the fancy natural alpaca yarns all the samples in the book are made with. Plus I think I stuffed mine more firmly than recommended. The book mentions stuffing lightly to make the critters softer and floppier. I think less firm stuffing would have also made putting the wool on a little easier. It was difficult at times to get my hook into the body stitches because it was so firm there was nowhere for my hook to fit, and it sometimes pulled a little stuffing back out with it.