I Made Myself This Little Bag

After my most recent surgery, I was restricted to lifting no more than 5 pounds. The satchel I liked to bring with me to work was a couple pounds at least even when empty. So I needed something lighter I could carry my lunch in but that wouldn’t have room for me to add too much else and let it get too heavy.

Start Trek bag made by Kara Hartz

I found this Star Trek fabric on sale some time ago and have been looking for the perfect project to use it on. Ta Da! I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Inside of Star Trek bag made by Kara Hartz

The grey interior lining fabric is just circles and lines, but I like to imagine (as long as you don’t look at them too closely) they are tiny Enterprises.

I’m 90% sure this is the book where I found the pattern I adapted for the bag I made. It included a pocket inside and I didn’t include that.


Super Easy to Make Reusable Fabric Shopping Bags

Making reusable fabric grocery bags has been a project on my personal to do list for way to long. I’m proud to share that this weekend I finally got my rear in gear and made some bags. Now that I have the hang of the pattern, I’m going to get more creative with the next ones I make – maybe some applique or pretty fabrics.

Last year Salome at Seven Veils Studios told me about Morsbags. They have a super easy, and free pattern for reusable totes. They can really be used for anything, but I’m going to use mine for shopping bags.

My mom gave me reusable Target bag – the kind they sell in the store for $0.99. I ended up using it to hold sand toys for when they kids and I go to the playground. I was always tempted to buy the reusable bags they sell at the grocery store too, but I knew I would feel to strange about using a bag printed with a specific store logo to shop in another store. I use about three different grocery stores depending on which one I’m closest to and didn’t want to collect bags from them all. Then there’s my paranoia that if I bring my bag back into the store later on, I can’t prove I’d already paid for it the last time, and I’ll have to pay for it again (I know – not likely – but I never claimed to be rational.)

Making my own bags solves all these problems. I just had to get working!

I also asked my daughter if I made her a bag, would she help me carry in the groceries? She said sure, if I made her a ‘kid sized’ tote bag. Her reusable bag also had to be yellow. The little yellow Dragon Tales bag in the photo is what I made for her.

I did make one modification to The Morsbag Free Pattern that my mom recommended. I added a pleat into the bottom of the bag so it has more of a flat bottom. It should be a little easier for wide items to sit in the bag. It’s very easy to modify the bag.

With the bag inside out, just pull out one of the bottom corners and measure however big a bottom you want to make. I made mine about 4 inches. You could use pins or chalk to mark the fabric, but I just held the sides in the right place with my fingers. Worked fine, and it’s fast.

Do the same thing on the other bottom corner of the bag, then go ahead and cut off the excess fabric at the corner.

When you turn your grocery bag right side out again, you’ll see the seam that adds the bottom. I hope this is understandable. If I’m not clear enough, or you have questions just leave a comment and I’ll do better.

I also didn’t always use the exact measurements that the Morsbag pattern gave. The yellow bag is the closest. Obviously the kid tote is much smaller, and I for the pink bag, I just wanted to use up the last bit of that fabric that I had, so it turned out a little taller. It’s all good – and I know no one will have reusable shopping bags that are just like mine!