A post for Febuary

I’ve been thinking about the blog for the past week or so. Thinking I need an idea for a post topic, and coming up empty. I’m in a mild depressions as I’m home from yet another abdominal surgery (hopefully, the universe will make this the last one). The current political mess is also depressing, and perhaps I’m reading too much news as there isn’t much I’m allows to do at the moment. Although any news is probably too much right now with the just incredible volume of horribleness coming out of the current government.

I’m also feeling sorry for myself due to my surgery, and slow expected recovery. This, fortunately, is something I have to power to do something about. So I am. Part of that is getting myself back up (mentally if not yet physically) and into a productive routine. Over the past several days, I’ve made calls that I had previously ignored or procrastinated, my desk is very slowly becoming more tidy, and I got my novel draft transferred to a format I can work on editing both on my desktop or my phone, and edits have officially begun. I’d also like to return to regular blogging. And short story writing. And quilting. And I’d love to learn to use my new loom better. . . and my ukulele. . . and, well, maybe one thing at a time.

In closing, here is an update on my health, since that’s something I’ve shared a lot here. I had a ‘small re-occurrence’ on the lower of my two big hernias. So that required another surgery, but it was complicated due to the previous repair and the mesh that was already there, etc. My surgeon got a little more aggressive this time since another repair will be next to impossible after this, and he is also very concerned with my activity level in the longer term for my recovery to avoid straining or damaging any part of the repair. That’s what has me kinda bummed out. I don’t like the thought of never being able to do much physical again. Coming to grips with my new reality. It’s a journey.


200 Posts and Almost 10 Years

Last Friday’s Flash Fiction Friday entry, ‘The Last Chicken‘ marked the 200th entry for this blog. It made me think about how long I’ve had it. Looks like the first entry was March 2007, just a few weeks before the birth of my second daughter actually. I don’t remember why I was inspired to start a blog at that time, but here we are.

That was almost 10 years ago. 200 entries in 10 years is not impressive; average of 20 posts a year – but actually it was not so even as all that. Such is life though, right? Uneven.

If anyone actually reads this blog (possibly 4 of you according to the follower count blogger shows me – Hello!) you may have noticed I’m trying something a little different since the new year. I’m trying to stick to a self-imposed blogging schedule to post more regularly. In general I’m trying to impose some structure on my writing habits. So for the time being I am aiming for posts each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with the Friday entry being a new piece of flash fiction. My original goal was to actually write 2 or 3 flash pieces during the week, then pick the one I liked best to share. So far that’s the only part of the plan I’ve failed at. I’ve only managed a single flash story each week, so that’s the one I’ve shared. That’s the aspect I plan to focus some extra work on. In fact, when I finish this entry, I’m going to start a flash piece while there is still plenty of time to write another later in the week.

The 10 year part could potentially be impressive depending on how you choose to view it. Maybe it’s impressive that I’m still here, talking mainly to myself, still creating as much as my schedule allows. Or maybe it’s sad that so little has changed. I think I feel somewhere in between. Impressive¬†doesn’t seem like the right word, but I don’t think its sad¬†either. My blog makes me happy. I enjoy posting. I like having something I made and sharing pictures of it, or text when it’s a story. Sure, it’d be great if someone else enjoyed it as well, but if it’s only me – well, I count too.


A Blog Award

Thank You Amanda for the award. If I haven’t mentioned it enough yet, you can enjoy Amanda’s blog over at A Fortnight of Mustard.

So, there are rules associated with this particular award I understand. And they are:
1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 8 deserving blog buddies.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

So I shall do my best to play along. Number one, check. On to number two:

1. For two weeks my job was to guard butterflies. I fell asleep once. (It isn’t a very exciting job)
2. I’ve been bitten by, a ball python, a rhesus macaque, several parrots, two or three cats and dogs, a black vulture, and I still like animals.
3. Sometimes I miss Ohio winters, like when it’s 102 degrees in California.
4. I’d like a pet sheep one day.
5. I wish I liked to cook.
6. In high school, in a speech and debate competition for dramatic performances in which we had to play all the parts ourselves, I won using “The Kamakasi Sketch” by Douglas Adams.
7. I don’t usually follow all the rules for these blog things.

As for rule 3, I can’t think of 8 other people to award (see #7 of the things about me.) I think I need to explore more blogs. I will however award it to a friend, Donna over at Allergy Kid Mom. Don’t let the name fool you, there’s a lot more there than allergies (but that’s there too if you’re interested.) She does a ton of great book reviews.

The only other one that jumps to mind is Amanda, and I don’t think it’s good blog etiquette to give the award right back to her. Although, if I did, so you think we could squeeze 7 new things out of her? Well, instead, do what I’m going to do, and check out the blogs of the eight folks she picked.

Rule number four. . .hang on. . . okay, done.


I’m A guest with LK Hunsaker Thoughts and Sketches

LK Hunsaker invited me to write a guest post for her blog Thoughts and Sketches. She’s doing a series of guest posts on the subject of NaNoWriMo. At first I didn’t think I had anything worthwhile to add to a discussion of NaNo. I’ve failed every year I tried it after all. But as I thought about those failing years, and the fact that, even so, here I was, back at it again, I began to see that I actually did have an opinion or two on the subject.

So a big “Thank You” to LK for the push to do some deep thinking about my NaNo journey. Also, she’s a terrific author. I’ve enjoyed every book I’ve read from her, and am reading Off the Moon right now. I highly encourage you to poke around her website and pick up one of her published novels if you get the chance.

Kara’s NaNoWRiMo guest blog post.


I’m Sorry

This blog has been exactally what I didn’t want it to be.

So far I’ve just been babbling about myself in a way that isn’t interesting or useful to anyone. That isn’t what I intended to do with this blog. I don’t mind sharing personal experiences if they illistrate something, but so far I’m just ranting. The original goal of this blog was to share what I was learning as I try to grow my baby and kid toy crafting business, and as I expand my freelance writing.
I’ve learned so much from reading about people who’ve done what I’m trying to do. I wanted to help others the same way.
So, I will strive to supply this blog, and hopefully my readers (if there are any) with something more substantial than the amunt of sleep I’m getting or how may dirty dishes are in my sink. Now, I may be likely to stry occasionally and get of topic – this is one of my special skills, but I’ll try to be educational as much as possible.

Right now I’m reading a very good book called “Duct Tape Marketing”. I’ll post a book review when I’m done.