At Last – I’m Having a Sale!

So – I almost never have sales or discounts. My profit margin is low, and I never know what kind of offer would make sense, so I don’t bother. But for the past several months I’ve wanted to do one. I have so many wonderful customers, and I want to do something. Plus I have a bunch of pretty new fabric, and I want to make new stuff, but I hate doing that when I still have so much already listed.

So I gave it some serious thought. I can’t ever have a store wide sale because I list stuff for my mom too. I can’t make her accept less money for what she makes, that isn’t nice (plus, I don’t think she charges enough to begin with for her wonderful work.) So what to do? What I want the most is to make some new books with new pictures. So that means clearing out some of the books that are listed now.

So here’s the sale:

All Pre-made Soft Fabric Books Only $15.00 Until the End of August!

I’m off right now to change the price in all my soft fabric book listings from the regular $18.00 to $15.00 so there will be no need for anyone to go through the hassle of waiting for an updated invoice or anything confusing like that. Even if I get a few new books posted, they will still be included in the sale price.

Thanks everyone!
Here they are: Karabu’s Soft Fabric Books for Babies and Toddlers
Yea for sales!


Grand Opening!

We held a live, in-person Grand Opening for our online Quixtar store yesterday here at out home. It was a lot of fun, and went very well. We learned a little more about each of the product lines, and got to play with and taste some stuff.

It makes logical sense to us that an online business deserves an online Grand Opening too. Plus we need about three more clients to meet our goal. Here’s what we’ve decided to do:

Because of the nature of the Internet, we don’t think it would be convenient for people to have a virtual meeting for a small window of an hour or so, like we did at our home. So the online version of our Grand Opening, is going to run for one week.

In order for our guests (that’s you!) to browse around out product lines, you can go to our website:
Serious Energy

Now the fun of a Grand Opening is trying the stuff out, right? On our website there is a link that says “Contact me”. If you look around and see something you’d like to try, use that button to send us a message. We don’t have samples of every product, but we have some. We can send off some samples to you. Or if you don’t know where to start, just send us a message through the “Contact me” link and we’ll send a little variety of samples and information for you.

We’re trying to make this as similar as possible to our real life Grand Opening, so that means a door prize too. Again, we’re using that little “Contact Me” button as our way to know who ‘attended’ our opening. So even if you just look around, send us a message to be entered into the door prize drawing.

My blog has been neglected this month due to my novel writing efforts, but I plan to write a short update daily (or at least every other day) with some of the interesting information about the products and the business.

Thanks everyone!
Have fun.


One more thing to juggle

Well, now that we’re finally getting into a nice routine for sleeping, and my cold is starting to fade, I feel ready to start trying to get some work done again. I have a half dozen projects near completion that I haven’t been able to get to in weeks. Thanks to grandmas – the house isn’t a total disaster, but it could definitely use some work.

So I’m looking forward to getting my new listings up on Etsy – my mom gave me a new castle to list, I have a doll quilt almost done, as well as a soft fabric shape book. I’m making one for numbers too while I’m at it. Have several new tooth pillows started in different colors, and I finished drafting patterns for the pocket quilts I want to make.

On top of that, I’m combining my passions a bit, and creating a zine with some of my short stories around a ‘family’ theme. This won’t be for kids – but some of the stories are about kids – and about parents, grandparents -husbands, and so on. When I begin listing my pet items, I want to do another zine with an animal theme. Now that I’m feeling more like myself again, it all feel exciting – not overwhelming like before.

I’ve spent a lot of my ‘down’ time reading and learning about marketing. I’ll share what I’ve learned in another post soon.