Looking for a Silver Lining

I used to actively avoid politics, and news in general. It felt better for my mental health, and by extension, my physical health for me to do so. Now the situation is such that it not only is much harder to avoid political news, I’m less sure I want to.

And that’s the one positive thing I’m seeing out there right now in the midst of all the division, all the ugliness and propaganda – more people are getting involved. I’m not the only person trying to pay better attention to the government’s shenanigans. I’m 42 years old and before this year you could have put a gun to my head and I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the name of the White House press Secretary or the Secretary of Education, or any of those sorts of offices. This isn’t something I admit proudly, but I also think it’s something I’m not alone in.

I see people paying attention now. Trying to make themselves better informed. When there is a problem with propaganda and fake news online, that folks are making a real effort to educate themselves has to be good for all of us in the long term. I also see people working to make their voices heard.

One bit of advice I heard on this point I’d like to pass along: look up your Representative’s phone numbers and save them in your phone. Then you are ready to make a call and voice your opinion about issues that matter to you when they come along. And they will. That old saying that ‘the only constant is change’, is certainly true today.


Rick Woldenberg and the CPSIA

Regarding my previous post about the implications of the new act on small manufactures: I found this other blog post by Rick Woldenberg that says everything so much better than I can. He doesn’t think the act should be amended, he believes it should be repealed altogether, and makes some damn fine points as to why.

The main point he makes is that lead paint was already illegal. So the problem was never that we didn’t have laws preventing the problems with the lead contaminated toys of 2007, it was that we didn’t enforce those laws. A new, more complicated, vague law that will be even more difficult to enforce and put thousand of American manufactures out of business even though not one American manufacturer caused a problem makes no sense.

To read his wonderful post on the subject, please see here:

Also, to help bring this issue to the attention of the Obama administration, please take a moment to vote here:

Thank you.


Time to vote! (don’t worry, it isn’t political)

The California Crafter Club of Etsy (CCCOE) has just completed our first ever monthly member challenge. To enter, we had to make an item fitting the monthly theme, it was “Typography” for August.

One random voter will win a beautiful pair of earrings made by Sandy Simone, like these: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=6721902

Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you don’t vote for me – my favorite in the challenge isn’t my own creation. There’s some really cool stuff.

Here’s the forum thread on Etsy where you can see all the imtems and vote: