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I made a worm bin

My daughter needed worms for a science experiment, and I have missed having a worm compost bin for the past several years (we gave ours away when we moved). So when I ordered some worms for her, I got enough to start up a new small compost bin. Had to order worms online since I assume bait shops are closed.

Now, I originally thought that I would make a full sized bin out of big Rubbermaid containers like our old bin, but it turns out we are having a pandemic, and I don’t want to go out shopping for containers. I already had several of these smaller plastic bins, and since I didn’t get very many worms, I thought they would probably be okay in here for a little while. So I pulled out the drill and put the air holes in. I still plan to upgrade them someday to the bigger arrangement. Our old bin had three levels and I only made two here, although I have one more container. I’m considering if I should go ahead and add it, or wait it out until I make the new set-up. It isn’t looking like we’re going back to normal anytime soon, so I will probably give the worms the additional layer. Might as well make them comfortable since they could be stuck in the temporary bin for longer than intended.

My original bin was kinda like this one, but I used containers that were not as deep as those pictured. The one I just made is the same, only much smaller. I’m going to keep them in the house for now, but I’m trying to figure out the best spot for them. I was reading that they are best kept in the house anyway, so I should probably figure out a good spot for them longer term.

Here’s hoping my garden will cheer up and sprout a little better if I can get some worm compost into those poor sad pots!